Our goal: Transforming a vision into a purpose

A glioblastoma is an aggressive brain tumour which, according to current knowledge, cannot be cured and leads to death typically within a few months after the diagnosis. A definitive cure cannot be achieved at present. Glioblastomas are the most common form of malignant brain tumours among adults.

The Anni Hofmann Foundation exclusively supports medical research on glioblastomas. It has the goal of researching the body's own defence mechanisms in order to regenerate and stabilise healthy cell function. There already exists medical research in this field, which gives hope that the path to a cure will be successful. The Anni Hofmann Foundation and its supporters aim to contribute to strengthening this new promising approach to glioblastoma research.

The foundation was established following the death of Ms. Anni Hofmann, the long-time partner of our company‘s founder, Dr. O.K. Wack, on 19.09.2012, after being diagnosed with glioblastoma.

Anni Hofmann held a leadership position for the emergence and expansion of the administration and thus enabled and promoted the success of our company from within. At the same time, through her effective and warm-hearted leadership, she created an employee-oriented working atmosphere that continues to be promoted as exemplary.

The foundation is dedicated to Ms. Hofmann‘s memory and through its workings Ms. Hofmann continues her work on behalf of others beyond the end of her life.

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