Optimised formula and new design - A1 HIGH END Spray Wax now even more powerful

When A1 HIGH END Spray Wax was introduced to the market last year, the response was overwhelmingly positive and it became very popular. Due to quality fluctuations in one of the raw materials, which could lead to decreases in long-term hydrophobicity, a recall campaign was launched and the product was taken off the market for a short period.

After in-depth analysis and intensive research work, an even more powerful formulation has been developed.

With the optimised A1 HIGH END Spray Wax, Dr. Wack offers effortless long-term protection with the shortest possible application time. The new A1 HIGH END Spray Wax achieves a streak-free result in just a few minutes. It can be applied in a very short time and does not leave any white marks on plastic parts. Thanks to the innovative hydrophobic formula, paint and plastic parts are protected for many months. It also has a colour-refreshing effect and provides a mirror-like shine and a great smooth feeling with a supple surface.

Ideally, two A1 THE CLOTH (RRP € 9.99) are used to apply the wax. The wax is applied with the first cloth and wiped off with the second.

A1 HIGH END Spray Wax is now available in the newly designed 500 ml spray bottle for € 16.99 in well-stocked specialty shops.

And if, contrary to expectations, a user is not satisfied with the result, Dr. Wack also offers a money-back guarantee for this premium product.

Detailed information on A1 HIGH END Spray Wax and other products from Dr. Wack is available online at www.dr-wack.com.

And in case a user is not satisfied contrary to expectations, Dr. Wack offers a money-back guarantee for this product as well.

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