From mid-February, the S100 HIGH END Chain Lube from Dr. Wack will be available from specialty dealers. The new premium chain spray ensures reliable and spin-free lubrication even under the heaviest loads.

With high-performance bikes, high torques act as the power transmission interface. High-performance bikes and a sporty riding style with high speeds (especially during gear changes) demand a lot from the chain. Many chain sprays reach their limits with these actions too early.

In collaboration with racing professionals and the Tribology Centre at Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, Dr. Wack has developed a chain spray for the most intense demands. During the almost three-year development period, the researchers of the market-leading chain spray manufacturer were able to incorporate the know-how they have built up over decades.

Special high-performance additives in the new S100 HIGH END Chain Lube ensure seamless lubrication. Frictional resistance and wear-promoting abrasion are significantly reduced - and thus the running performance of the entire chain set is considerably extended.

S100 HIGH END Chain Lube from Dr. Wack is suitable for all types of chains. Long-lasting PTFE creates a flexible protective layer and is water and dirt repellent - corrosion and dirt don't stand a chance.

Last but not least, the excellent properties of S100 HIGH END Chain Lube also ensure a clean rear wheel rim and chain environment, because appearance and cleanliness also play a major role on motorbikes.

The 300 millilitre can is available at a price of €23.99 (RRP).

And in case a user is not satisfied contrary to expectations, Dr. Wack offers a money-back guarantee for this product as well.

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