The new all-rounder can be used not only on stiff brake, gearstick and clutch levers as well as squeaky footrests, but also unsightly dirt such as spun-off chain grease, sticky tar, stubborn rust and greasy oil deposits. Problems that every motorcyclist is familiar with and whose removal often demands so much time and patience, the anticipation of the next tour may be dampened. But what can be done?

The new S100 THE Multi Oil, developed in the Dr. Wack research laboratory and tested by various expert committees, is now available to solve these problems - and many more - quickly and efficiently.

The company’s philosophy to exclusively bring products and solutions to the market tha do not previously exist was what guided the development of S100 THE Multi-Oil. The result is a product that offers a unique performance, especially in the area of lubrication performance, thus setting new standards. It is precisely in this area that the new S100 product clearly sets itself apart from other multifunctional oils on the market.

S100 THE Multi Oil dissolves rust, grease, soot, tar and oil contamination while  impressing with its outstanding creeping power, so that it can penetrate even hard-to-reach places. The spray tube ensures exact dosage and pinpoint application. It does not attack any materials, does not resinify and reliably protects against corrosion. Its special formulation contains caring components that keep all rubber parts supple. And of course, S100 THE multi-oil can also be used perfectly in the car or in the household as a all around problem solver.

S100 THE Multi Oil is now available in a practical 300ml aerosol can with an additional spray tube in well-stocked specialist motorbike dealers for a non-binding € 11.99.

And in case a user is not satisfied contrary to expectations, Dr. Wack offers a money-back guarantee for this product as well.

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